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Bookmakers for professional players with high limits

Which online bookies do suit the professional players most, and have the highest betting limits for pro gamblers?

The definition of a professional punter

At first, who is the professional betting player? In our opinion, it is a person who:

  • makes bets for a living, not for fun (well, most of the time)
  • makes profit from betting on a long run
There are few bookmakers for professional players

The things a professional player needs from bookmakers

If you are a professional punter, at bookies you may need two basic things. First one requires the lowest betting margins that means the most competitive odds on the market. It is understandable.

But you aren't able to make a living by gambling if your stakes aren't high enough. So the second important thing about it is the amounts you are allowed to wager and their restrictions and limits. And they are the most frequent stumbling blocks for those who have turned sports betting into their profession.

Why 99% of bookies are not suitable for professional punters

For a first sight, there are plenty of sportsbooks on the Internet what offer a lot of possibilities for a bettor gambling professionally. But the most of online bookmakers, in fact, just don't allow to gain money from them on a constant basis.

A pro gambler could face such restrictions from bookmakers as his (previously high) betting limits cut down, or lowering odds for him personally, or even a permanent ban of his account (often together with forfeiting all his winnings and paying back to him only amount of his deposits) at 99% of existing bookies. Sad but true.

Which sportsbooks do fulfill all requirements of gamblers betting professionally?

So, in addition to the things mentioned above a professional player needs the third and the equally important entity - bookmakers which do not block accounts and don't lower betting limits for winnings.

Unsurprisingly, any online bookie fulfilling all these requirements is suitable for betting professionals. You can check the list of such bookmakers by clicking the link bolded above.

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